Brandi Milne

8 Oct

Tell me about your “Creative Space”.

My workspace is in the middle of my livingroom/dinningroom ~ just a small area carved out for my desk and easel.  I feel at home right in the middle of chaos and living ~ it’s hard to imaging working in a room closed off from everyone!  Although, a space large enough for my pieces when they’re complete and bookshelves lining the walls would be a dream.  I would love to convert Marriah Carey’s closet into my workspace, if she was cool with it…

Oils Or Acrylics?

Acrylics…for now.

Canvas or Wood?

Wood, baby!!

Your work has such detail and amazing color work, did you go to school for art or are you self taught?

I’m self taught.  I didn’t go to college except for maybe 3 art classes (cartooning, animation and life drawing) and I never had a good art teacher in my life.  I think I’ve had the worlds worst art teachers that ever lived…I’m really disappointed at the thought of bad art teachers….

When did you make the leap to becoming a full time artist?

2 1/2 years ago!  I was working a full time job that I hated beyond belief, and then I would come home and work my butt off painting and what not for gallery shows and commercial work. It just got to the point where I wasn’t even human anymore…so we (my husband and I) took that leap!!  It’s one of the scariest decisions I’ve made, but it was the right one.

What would you say is the one thing that inspires your art the most?

Music, no question.

What are you working on now?

I’m working on a few paintings for shows I have coming up (Sanrio in November, Art Basel with Corey Helford Gallery in December and a giant project that’s been in the works for 2 years now that I have to keep under my hat, sadly.)  Also, I’ll be working on a new series of work for my next solo show and a book of my artwork…busy busy busy!!

Lightning Round

Last great movie you watched?

I watched Lost In Translation the other day when I was sick.  GREAT movie.

Your favorite album?

Abbey Road

Coke or Pepsi?

Pepsi, come on.

Artist people should know about?

ummm…Poochie Love


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