Yoskay Yamamoto

29 Oct

Location: Los Angeles, CA.

Website: yoskay.com

Tell me about your “Creative Space”.

it tends to be messy…. a lot of half finished projects and pieces that i haven’t got around to finish….some friends work and ¬†clippings of artist’s work that i admire.

Tell everyone the story behind Yoskay. You grew up in Japan then came to the states for school. Is this where you discovered your art skills?

growing up in japan i always had an interest towards illustration and art.

my favorite pass time was reading manga comics, so naturally i sketched and copied my favorite manga characters like every other kid. and when i moved to the state for high school i was drawn into graffiti, skateboard graphics and music flyers and posters. people like twist (barry mcgee), mike giant, kozik and coop were some of american artist that i looked up to during that time.

What is a normal day in the life of Yoskay like?

Everyday is bit different depending on with the deadlines and projects.

i enjoy starting my day with a cup of coffee. gives me a reason to step out to a fresh air and to go for a walk. it helps me to wake up. then i run errands if i have any. after that i spend most of my day in the studio with a lot of breaks in between.

Some artists say they are most creative the first hour they’re awake, when are you most creative?

i’m not sure…… but i do like the morning when i manage to wake up early enough.

You’re not just a painter, your a sculptor. Do you prefer one medium over the other?

i like them both equally:)

What are you working on now?

working on my second vinyl figure with munky king which i’m really excited about.

also i just finished a project designing a tea cup and saucer.

Lightning Round:

Last movie you watched?

just watched life aquatic again.

love that film:)

Favorite Movie:

tough question….. i’m not sure if this is my favorite but i always enjoy “stand by me.”

Last Book You Read:

tokyo kaido by minetaro mochizuki

Artist people should know about:

who the are…?


One Response to “Yoskay Yamamoto”

  1. Pinky January 21, 2011 at 8:25 pm #

    Creative Spaces – what a creative and original idea. What leapt out as I looked at the images was that most artists seem to have only a tiny space to get creative in.

    In my opinion, which does not account for much as I am not an artist, is they could all use ten times the amount of space.

    I know funds are usually the restricting factor. It is too bad local property owners with large unused lofts (with access to sufficient electricity and data lines)could not let these artists use their spaces for free.

    Of course some artists may very well prefer the space they are in.

    My fantasy for the day.

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