Sam Flores

4 Nov

Tell me about your “Creative Space”.

My studio, is kind of under construction while being used as a studio. Its located on the bottom floor of my place, I live above it. It’s nice to have it so close but also hard to juggle work and life, in the sense where its so easy to relax and be comfortable in your living area but also treat each day as a work day and stay focused on proper days work in your studio. The lines can get blurry sometimes or a little too easy to slack. I’ve been training myself to be very disciplined in the studio part of my life.

What is a day in the life of Sam Flores like?

A normal day I’ve been trying to get up as early as i can where i still can function properly. I like to stay up late and work well things get peaceful and quiet i can concentrate on more and calm my thoughts and plan next day. I get up start the coffee machine, I like to go down stairs turn on some jazz or motown right away light the Nag Champa. Then go back upstairs take a shower and get the coffee, by the time I’m ready i go back down stairs the perfect song is playing it smells nice and I’m awake ready to get into it! Thats how i like to launch each day. I take care of a few emails then I’m doing work!

When did you discover your art skills?

I started drawing when I was a very young gelfling, I grew up pretty poor, so we couldn’t afford toys and TV, all I had was paper and pencil so I was forced to develop my imagination very early. which was cool. I would have to turn a refrigerator box everyday into a spaceship, castle, time machine, anything but a refrigerator box. looking back i loved it, i wouldn’t change any of it.

Did you go to school for art, or are you self taught?

I was self taught, I moved to SF to go to the art institute once I got to the city i ended up saving my money and debts and taught my self. I started working for Adrenalin Skateboards soon after and that was a dream of mine, I just started from there.

Oils Or Acrylics?

Used to do oils moved to acrylics soon after i was a lot more last minute and procrastinate guy, so hanging wet oil paintings in a show isn’t a great look. I switched to acrylics, and now I’ve been wanting to switch back to oils. I feel I’m ready now to respect them and the powers of oils.

You’re quite the world traveler having shows in Canada, Singapore, Mexico and Egypt, how does this travel inspire your creativity?

Yes it inspires me greatly, I’m actually in Cairo right now working on a show out here, i love to travel and soak up different feels and inspirations from every place and experience.

Who or what is your biggest influence?

Biggest influence is nature and everything it creates and destroys. i also like the power of good and evil influences me a lot.

What are you working on now?

So I’m out in Cairo working on a show at Articulate Baboon Gallery. There the first gallery in the middle east thats showcasing art like this, its new and kinda unheard of out there in most parts of the middle east. So its a really cool honor to be part of that history.

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars

Last Movie You Watched?

Idiot Abroad the TV series

Looking for Eric, documentary on Eric Cantonal and Manchester United

Artists people should know about:

Henry Lewis

Juan Carlos noria

Patrick Thompson

Alexa Hatanaka

Rene Almanza


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