Angry Woebots

9 Nov

Location: San Pedro, Ca

Website: ArmyOfSnipers.Com

Tell me about your “Creative Space”.

I been hopping around lately so I haven’t been able to build a regular space to paint like I usually do, so minds kinda makeshift usually at my desk next to my computer, shits everywhere while I paint gets pretty messy and I get splatters all over the place. I like having music really loud and my books and random toys around to keep me going, sometimes a DVD or Netflix just playing even over music. Also I paint late like between 9 to 5 morning.  I do have a ritual and thats cleaning before I start, my fuckin’ area has to be clean just so I can destroy it it haha. Clear space, clear mind.

Oils Or Acrylics?

Acrylics mostly but I am in a transition, change is coming , just gotta wait and see. It will be mixmedia.

Is there something or someone that inspires your creativity?

Of course I could drop multiple names of heads that inspired me to get where I’m at but I think I met most of them and its truly fuckin’ cool. So in saying that just creative heads, artist are constantly creating new works I see something thats over the top makes me want to paint better or create something crazier, I paint to travel not really trying to become a bigger or famous artist I just wanna create shit and if it gets me the chance to paint with heads across the planet and be able to pay my bills for the time being then I’ll keep rockin it.

Your paintings all feature angry pandas. Where did the inspiration for the panda’s come from?

It was different, I based my Pandas off of grizzly bears, so the facial features and furocious character of a grizzly with the colorway of a Giant Panda if you youtube panda attack, a panda when angry looks the same when he’s docile they have no expressions. It tripped people out, it’s been an icon of something cute, nice and cuddley just wanted to flip it. I started painting them just to paint them but doing research and all that there are like 1000 left in the wild so maybe they have a right to be fucked up. I could say I was the first to flip it in the last 8 years painting them there has been multiples of impostures would be fresh if I inspired the pissed off Panda movement.

You are also know for your graffiti art, do you still paint walls?

I don’t wanna say I’m a graff artist I started tagging and bombing in ’91 growing up in california and got busted in ’97. During that time I was more into handstyles, character bombs, collecting flicks, mags, video graff and just educating my self in graffiti history or hop hop itself. I did character pieces here and there, tagged on freights, bombed here and there real small time shit nothing crazy enough to make my place in the graff community. I started painting with a can in 2004 again and since then just learning color theory from painting with acrylics actually helped me with using aerosol, having homies back in Hawaii who kept doing it and heads like Slick, Brisk, Scribe, Estria, Kofie, Pixel Pancho,Codak, my crew AOS and a few other sick graffiti artist it’s been a really fresh experience getting back into it for fun, I’m 33 I’m not trying to be a bomber, lets just paint around the planet. So yes when I do travel I always try to hit walls with writers I meet on my overseas tours. Graffiti’s always been in my heart it got me into art.

What are you working on now?

I just dropped my Converse Red, 2 Tone 3 inch Dunny while working in Hawaii then heading back home to drop a bunch of product at Designer Con in Pasadena. I have Art Basel doing installations, live art with a couple of crew members this will be in Miami in December along with a huge line up of sick painters, then I have a 3 man show at My Plastic Heart in NYC along with Kano & Scribe for January. Later next year I have a bunch of group shows and a Solo show in Orlando, after that it’s travel time so planning to tour South East Asia for a Humanitarian project, then Munich, Berlin then to Korea. This all spreads across 2011. Events always pop up here/there and in between so I never know whats coming sometimes.

Lightning Round:

Favorite album:


Last movie you watched

Zombie series- Dead Watch

How many movies do you have in your Netflix Queue?

It’s always filled to the brimm.

Artist people should know about?



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