Chet Zar

11 Nov

Location: Los Angeles, CA.

Website: ChetZar.Com

Tell me about your “Creative Space”.

Well, the pictures you took are of my old studio, which was my garage. I have since moved into the house and into an extra bedroom with great light. My studio is not only my painting studio but also my sculpture studio. While I mostly paint there, I also sculpt on my own pieces and do some freelance sculpting from there.I have a TV next to my easel so I can watch movies while I paint. I also have my satellite radio so I can listen to the Howard Stern show. Everything is usually not very organized. While under the creative trance, I have a hard time keeping things organized.

What is your typical day like?

Coffee, check email, then get to work. I try and get some meditation in but lately I have realized that painting is very meditative for me so I usually just try and get to it. I usually work about 12 hours a day, every day. Not 12 hours of painting, but I have to get print orders out and other stuff like that. I can’t remember the last time I took a day off. My body is always sore because of this but I love what I do, so it’s not as bad as it sounds.

Your father is an artist, were you encouraged as an child to paint and draw?

Yes, I was always encouraged to create art with no limitations. I remember my mother telling me when I was a little kid that I could draw anything I wanted. I credit this encouragement for getting me where I am today.

Before focusing on painting, you worked on films as everything from designer, sculptor to special make up effects artist. Was it hard to make the transition to full time artist?

Only financially. The money is pretty good in the film industry and at this point it’s hard to match that kind of money in fine art. I still do work in the film industry on occasion when I need to.

Your art is deep rooted in horror and macabre. When did your love for the horror genre start?

I can remember always being fascinated with creepy things, ghosts, monsters, horror comics, horror films, etc. I am not sure why. It feels genetic or something.

When do you feel most creative?

I feel creative most of the time. I the only time I do not is when I get overly exhausted.


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