18 Nov

Location: Los Angeles, CA.

Website: LolaFineArt.Com

Describe your “Creative Space”

My creative space is very warm and cosy. I’ve taken over what might be the dining room, nestled next to my kitchen in what feels like a brady bunch home. I have a great stone wall fireplace and an old turn table built into the wall. I’ve gravitated toward a need for outside visual stimulation, so the easel is set up in front of a large window overlooking the trees. I hate the feeling of being closed in, it stunts my creativity. I keep many reference books at arms length, and i scatter about pieces i’m working on so that i can constantly keep my eye aware of what i’ve done and where it’s going. It helps keep a consistency i think. The most important part of my “space” is music. It helps me get into a great rhythmic flow and entertains my creative thoughts throughout the long days.

What is your typical day like?

I wake up around 7 and lay in bed for a while thinking of dreams i’ve just been pulled away from. I like to keep bits and pieces of the really great ones for embellishments within the paintings. Then i peel myself out to get in front of the computer and take care of emails and choose some music. I spend on average 10 hours a day painting, and usually walk away around 11pm. I’m very obsessive and tend to paint rather slow. But i enjoy my process and love that i am fortunate enough to meditate my days away. Thinking about it, i don’t spend much time in reality really. I live in a daydream.

Oil or Acrylics

I work with both, only to keep oil’s at bay as i’m only learning. My available works are all acrylic, which i apply to what i think would be an oil technique. Being self taught, it’s my interpretation and how things work best for me.

When did you discover your passion for art?

When i could hold a crayon. And my dad always set up stations for me to paint or pastel or draw. He really helped me enjoy the process because i looked up to him and wanted to be just like him. We would paint next to one another… those were some of the best days of my life. I’m smiling right now thinking about it….

Did tattooing lead you to painting?

No, rather painting led me to tattooing. Ive painted daily since i was 13 because i was struggling with tough times at home. My parents were very unhappy and it made days very difficult for me and my brother. He spent time with his friends, and i kept to myself painting away. Pan forward years later, a guy i had met through a mutual friend was opening up an apprenticeship at his shop, and was intrigued by my drawing skills. We had known one another for a small while, so he contacted me to see if i was interested. I had honestly never thought of it before, but it was one of those moments where you can actually see your life is about to change and a major transition is upon you. I took the apprenticeship with great appreciation and dove into a world of new medium with wide eyes.

Not only did i learn how to be confident in my abilities, i also learned to be patient, precise, and how to connect with strangers. Its more than just artwork, it’s a therapy for most people. You work within emotional boundaries while listening to some of the stories behind the art.

Do you still tattoo?

I dabble. However, i am so happy being in my “Unreality”. I love working on my own ideas, i’m rather selfish in art. I painted so much while working at the shop. When i had my first successful show, the gratification was a million times more satisfying than any tattoo. I just knew that this is more of my calling.

Are you a fast painter? How long do you spend on one painting?

No, i take my time in the painting. I work on many pieces at once, so i just can’t answer that. I like to give myself a year for each body of work, however, i’m hoping that i can take even more time with the work in the coming years.

When do you know a painting if finished?

Im not sure a painting is ever truly finished, but i think i come to a nice closure with the work and can enjoy the last strokes.

In your art, you use lots of animals. Do you have any pets yourself?

Not at present, but i grew up in what felt like a zoo. My dad was so nurturing to helpless animals found about the neighborhood. We always had 2 or 3 dogs, and equal number of cats, a turtle for many years, birds he would nurse to health, and even at one point a tarantula. I myself kept goldfish and caterpillars in my room with me to scare all the scary things away. I hope to have a cute cuddly dog some day, and llama’s… lots and lots of llamas. And geese to guard my castle.

What are you working on now?

I’m working quite vigorously on my next body of work for Y’ves LaRoche Gallery in Montreal. My friend and such a great talent, Greg Simkins, will be showing as well. I’m very excited, and have been researching and living in the story i will base my inspirations around.. 🙂

Lightning Round:

What are you listening to right now?

Daft Punk

Last movie you watched?

How to loose friends and alienate people

Ice T or Ice Cube?


Artists people should know about?

Jason Hackenwerth, Mark Dean Veca, Oliver Vernon, James Roper… I tend to be drawn to styles very different from my own, and love the pallet and flow these artists share with my eyes.. i’m also really intrigued by the work of Dan Witz, Laurie Lipton, and Thomas Doyle


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