Mark Waid

30 Nov

Location: Los Angeles, CA.


Describe your Creative Space:

I can’t punch a clock and I can’t work around other people, so my office is in my house, a.k.a. my Fortress of Solitude. It’s a sunlit converted master bedroom where I can comfortably be surrounded by reference books, toys and gadgets, and all the thousands of various books and comics I’ve written over the decades.

When did you discover you had a talent for writing?

I knew in junior high that I had a facility for communication, but it wasn’t really until high school that I had any interest in writing–and even then, I had no confidence in my fiction, just my non-fiction. For the longest time, even through my mid-twenties, I assumed I’d be a journalist, not a storyteller, but working at DC Comics as an editor when I was out of college and being surrounded by all that creative energy clearly sparked something in me.

What is your writing process like, do you take notes throughout the day and turn those into a script or do you just sit at the computer and just start typing?

More the former. The process is very much like putting a jigsaw puzzle together without benefit of box art. I see scenes in my head, images–I think of lines and moments–and I start jotting them down with only a very rudimentary map before me. And the more I write down, the more the connections begin to appear to me–this moment suggests that moment, this image illustrates this character beat, and so forth.

You are one of the hardest working men in comics how many comics are you writing at the moment?

At least four.  I’ve got my own books which I created, IRREDEEMABLE and INCORRUPTIBLE; I’m writing THE TRAVELER with Stan Lee; I’m doing a CAPTAIN AMERICA series at Marvel; and I have other creator-owned material I’m tinkering with. Man, I need a nap.

Writing so many titles, do you have days that your write Spider Man and days you write Irredeemable?

I wish my day were that regimented, but really, what I write on any given day is dictated almost totally by which deadline looms the largest. I can move back and forth during the day between projects, but it’s stressful.

You are also the Editor In Chief  for Boom Studios, it must be hard to find time to sleep. How do you balance everything?

Actually, last summer I was promoted to Chief Creative Officer, which is actually less demanding and allows me to focus more on my  writing. That doesn’t necessarily buy me more time, but at least it helps me allocate it more selfishly.

Boom recently launched a line of comic created by Stan Lee and written by you. What was it like working with Stan?

Amazing. You’ve seen him on TV or at conventions with that effervescent personality? Well, he’s like that all that time, even behind closed doors. His enthusiasm is contagious, and writing with him gives you the kind of contact high that makes you want to never leave the keyboard.

Is there one comic you’ve written that you feel the most proud of?

Probably SUPERMAN: BIRTHRIGHT. The goal was to show people who thought Superman was corny or old-fashioned or dull that he is, in fact, an astoundingly rich and interesting character–and I think I succeded.

What are you working on now?

Apart from the above-mentioned titles, I’m also diving headlong into the digital realm. Keep watching my blog at for updates on how my friends and I plan to spearhead the coming digital revolution!


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